Doing business in the "Far East" is a world of opportunities, but can also be demanding due to distance, time zones, cultural differences, and language barriers.

Our experience is that a local presence with our own employees with expertise in logistics, familiarity with the markets, and speaking the local languages, adds a great benefit for our customers in the Asian markets.

Our services in Asia

Sea freight

Deep sea standard services, with a high level of personal services and user-friendly system to follow up all your shipments and orders

Air freight

When it is urgent, by air is the fastest way of delivery

Rail freight

Direct lines from Asia to Europe by rail - cost efficient and environmentally friendly

Storage and logistics

Cross docking, labelling, scanning, pick and pack, consolidation, short-term storage - all in the Far East 

"Specialist services"

Quality control at the production site and Vendor management


Local representation in Asia

Asia is important to us and to our customers, and we have employees and offices in India and China, as well as agents in Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Maksims Smirnovs

Maksims Smirnovs

Izpilddirektors Latvijā

Each customer has its own requirements and needs towards the Far East markets

We would like to share some of our expertise with you –and invite you to discuss Far East opportunities that could be useful for you.