Vendor management and quality control made seamless, with all follow-up, documents and overviews in one system.


Mēs esam priecīgi palīdzēt jums optimizēt jūsu piegādes ķēdi

We help you follow up your suppliers in a customised ERP-system. You no longer need to log into different systems or send numerous e-mails to follow-up orders and shipments. We have solutions that allow you to receive all the information regarding your shipments, directly in your company's booking system.

We have developed a supply monitor system – Vendor Management Follow-up (VMF) – to make it easier for you to follow up your suppliers.

Vendor Management Follow-up – this is how

  • register the order in your system

  • the booking goes through our VMF, and is sent directly to your supplier's system

  • changes/movements in the order will be updated automatically in your ERP system

  • you are in complete control


When your goods are scanned out at your supplier's warehouse, you will see it in your ERP-system. The shipment is on its way. System integration will be according to your needs and wishes.


Vendor Management Follow-up benefits

  • visibility and predictability

  • less manual and time-consuming work with orders and follow-ups

  • only one integration with VMF – which integrates again with your suppliers

  • handles mapping and standards for EDI

  • easy to give information to your customers about actual delivery time

  • if your supplier is not able to send EDI-files, ColliCare or your supplier can register information for you

  • notification mail / SMS messages, about the item‘s location on the journey from booking to store shelves, will be possible

  • electronic data collection from suppliers, by terminals and other scanning points

  • ability to measure delivery time/KPI per supplier

  • reports per supplier

  • solid documentation for use for improvement towards suppliers


Link: Watch Vendor Management film here


Kent Nicolaysen

Kent Nicolaysen

CTO - Galvenais tehnoloģiju vadītājs