Correct customs clearance is an essential part of transport outside and within the EU for both import and export. We can advise you and your business, and help you with customs clearance to avoid problems, delays or surprises at customs. This way you can save costs on your shipments.

Custom clearance

Let us help you with your custom clearance

Efficient customs clearance of export and import shipments 

Import and export of goods can be a bureaucratic process due to extensive customs, excise regulations and time-consuming procedures. 

Regulations vary from shipment to shipment because of different types of goods, and differences for every country. Which also means that customs clearance can be a resource-demanding process. However, we are ready to ensure you and your business a successful and correct handling of customs.

We work with professional custom agents in Latvia, and have a customs department in Norway and Sweden. 

Your advantages when you let us handle your customs clearance

  • quick and easy customs clearance

  • experienced customs clearers, and no problems or surprises

  • eCare system with an overview of documentation

  • freeing-up resources

  • lower transport costs

  • completion of customs documents on dutiable shipments

Customs consultancy – an overview of the customs procedures

The most common customs procedure is called “ordinary import or export” and applies to purchases and sales of goods. Other types may be: 

  • temporary import or export
    goods imported or exported for temporary use – repair, processing, etc.
  • re-importation or re-exportation
    goods re-imported or re-exported after temporary importation or exportation


It is important to choose the correct customs procedure, as it will prevent delays during the release process. 

Our professional customs team will know the specific customs regulations and procedures for your shipment – whether it is import or export and will assist you and your business.

Our customs experts are AEO-certified within the customs area, and we are continuously assessing and educating ourselves according to current customs procedures. Your company is ensured thorough advice from us. We offer a seamless import and export procedure when you entrust your customs clearance to our experts. 

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