How ColliCare handles your personal data

This privacy statement deals with how the ColliCare Group gathers and handles your personal data. The privacy statement applies to the entire ColliCare Group, which includes the businesses/departments in all the countries in which we operate.

Where ColliCare posts links to external companies/services on its web pages, our responsibility for privacy protection no longer applies when you enter the external website. We do not share personal data, nor do we access or handle personal data posted on external websites, unless otherwise specified in this statement. 

1. Data Controller

ColliCare Group is the data controller for the personal data we collect from you.

ColliCare Group is a logistics group that develops and provides logistics services for sea freight, road transport, third party logistics, air freight, distribution and warehousing.

The ColliCare Group's headquarters is in Norway, and the group has a number of subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Finland, China and India, in addition to a network of agents throughout most of the world.

The ColliCare Group offers services primarily to corporate customers, but also to private individuals in respect of e-commerce.

“ColliCare” is used below as a collective term for all of the companies in the group.

2. The purpose of handling the data

Personal data is gathered when necessary to fulfil the tasks and services that ColliCare has committed to undertake to fulfil the customer relationship, as well as the tasks it is obliged to perform pursuant to statutory provisions, public regulations and/or by special agreement with the customer.


We will use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To provide our services - we need your personal data, e.g. so that you can log in to our web pages, and so that we can register your request for a price or place an order for the transport of goods.
  • To customize our services and to provide you with recommendations and relevant marketing - we need your personal data e.g. for distribution of newsletters and other physical materials via our web pages and other channels.
  • To consider you as a possible candidate - we need your personal data in order to consider you as a possible candidate for vacant positions if you have registered your CV.
  • To prepare statistics, aggregate data and to manage our web pages and services - the data is gathered and sorted so that ColliCare can obtain further information on users, for example to find out how our users reach our web pages, and to track general user patterns of users of our web pages. This is in order to improve our web pages and give our visitors a better user experience.
3. What is the legal basis?

The legal basis is the group’s authority to handle personal data.

All handling of personal data is based on a customer relationship and/or consent from the customer/partner.

Since personal data is not disclosed, and information collected is only used to perform ColliCare’s operations, consent is not requested for third-party processing of the data. 

4. What type of data is handled?

We manage both personally identifiable data and non-personally identifiable data. Personally identifiable data is data that identifies you as an individual. Non-personally identifiable data is data and other information that does not reveal your personal identity.

Personally identifiable data

ColliCare gathers and handles the following information: 

  • When subscribing to newsletters, you receive email from ColliCare about topical news. In order for us to send email to the correct subscriber, you need to register your first name, last name and email address.
  • If you post an inquiry on ColliCare's web pages, for example by sending us an email or submitting a form, the relevant information could be stored, including name, e-mail address, telephone number and ID number (only in the case of customs clearance). This is a good way to follow up on the inquiry.
  • When you visit ColliCare’s web pages, your IP address is registered. This is not linked directly to you as a user, and you are registered only as a “visitor”. This is because ColliCare has enabled IP depersonalization on all our web pages. We use this information to manage and maintain our pages. Examples of what statistics provide answers to are: how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, keywords, which web pages users come from, and which web browser is used. This enables us to develop consistently better and more user-friendly services. See more about web analytics and cookies below.


Non-personally identifiable information (web analytics and cookies)

ColliCare also gathers and handles unidentified information/non-personally identifiable information about visitors to ColliCare's web pages. We use mainstream Internet technologies, including Google Analytics to gather information about our users, so that we can facilitate the best possible functionality and further refine the information provided on our web pages. This information is obtained from your computer's browser and may include operating system, web browser software (such as "Microsoft Internet Explorer"), screen resolution, and sender web page. 

"Cookies" are small information capsules (text files) that the web page asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. This allows the web page to remember your actions or preferences over time. ColliCare's web pages use cookies to collect statistics and information about how visitors use our websites. We aggregate information and create reports that help us improve your experience. The tools use first-party cookies solely to gather data. These cookies, and the data gathered, are depersonalized and cannot be used to identify you as a person.
Here you can find more information about Cookies.

5. Where is the information retrieved from?

The information/personal data is collected from forms that are integrated in our web pages.

6. Is it voluntary to give out the information?

Yes, it is voluntary to subscribe to newsletters, apply for positions or otherwise contact ColliCare and thereby give out your information. If you want to withdraw your information, you can send an email or call the company directly, see point 11 below. The customer can also meet up at the company's address or send regular mail to the company. In the contact form, the customer is asked to fill in all fields. This is also to avoid spam and other dubious inquiries.

7. Is the information divulged to third parties?

Information is not divulged to third parties unless there is a legal basis for this.. Examples of such a basis will typically be an agreement with you, or a legal basis which obliges us to divulge the information. ColliCare has different partners and subcontractors. If the customer chooses to purchase a service that is provided by a third party, the customer is informed of that prior to the information being released.

We use subcontractors and/or subsidiaries to gather, store, or otherwise handle personal data on our behalf. We use subcontractors and/or subsidiaries in connection with the conduct of transportation assignments, the provision of IT services, development, operation and maintenance of our web pages and the processing of cookies. In such cases we have entered into agreements to safeguard information security at all stages of data management.

If the subcontractor and/or its subsidiary handles personal data outside the EU/EEA area, this is based on the EU standard contract terms for transfer to third countries.

8. How is the information stored and erased?

The personal data handled by ColliCare is stored and protected internally in our systems, such as e.g. SuperOffice for CRM information/newsletters and Destinet/CMS for other forms/submissions, including CV registration. The personal information on the submitted form will be saved on our website for up to 60 days before it will be deleted.

At the customer's request, we will manually access and erase the relevant data. Furthermore, we store your personal data with us only as long as is necessary for the purpose for which the personal data was collected. This means, for example, that personal data we handle on the basis of your consent is erased, should you withdraw your consent. Personal data we handle in order to fulfil an agreement with you will be erased when the agreement has been completed and all obligations arising out of the contractual relationship are met.

Protection of personal data in operating systems is covered by the customer relationship and handled accordingly.

9. What are the rights of registered persons, and which country-specific laws apply?

You have the right to withdraw any consent to the handling of personal data at any time. You also have the right to access your data at any time, or to have your personal data corrected or erased.
ColliCare conducts itself according to the laws applicable in the countries in which we are represented and/or trade with. ColliCare handles personal data in line with the individual country’s laws and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

10. How is the data secured?

ColliCare stores customer data on its own password-controlled server. There is no physical archive and the customer database is not stored locally on computers.

ColliCare has several subsidiaries which all have access to a common customer database. This is with the aim of providing customers with the best possible provision of logistics services and across both subsidiaries and national borders.

11. Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about this statement or how we handle personal data, please contact us at [email protected], call tel. + 47 69 20 95 00 or send a letter to, or visit, ColliCare Logistics AS, Deliveien 10, 1540 Vestby, Norway.

12. Complaints

If you believe that our handling of personal data does not conform with what we have described here, or that we otherwise violate the personal privacy legislation, we would like you to contact us. You can also complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. For information about how to contact the Data Protection Authority, see their website:

13. Amendments to the statement

ColliCare reserves the right to amend and update the Personal Privacy Statement. All amendments apply from the date of publication. Any amendments will apply to both new and already gathered personal data
Keep track of the amendments at the top of the page under "last updated."

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